Thoughts on Wednesday Word and being a Christian blogger

Wednesday Word has been a good success. It consistently gets likes and is even one of the top liked posts of all time. I’m really excited about this because this was a post I had been putting off for almost a year now.

So, what happens now? Well, the video and my commentary remains. I’m not doing anything to it. I just wanted to talk about it a little bit.

Wednesday word is really the only thing on this blog that shows off my “religious” side. Sure, I have the “Accept Jesus” page and I’ve shared my book with you which is entirely Christian themed. Still, I didn’t have a feature that gave off that type of vibe. In my Daily Good Stuff posts, I did always share a scripture. That was it.

I used to have a Christian blog, which was suppose to be a continuation of my book in a sense. But, I ended up just pulling it into this blog.

This blog is a positive themed blog and, I can’t necessarily say that this also means that it’s a religious blog. I can’t say they go hand in hand, ya know?

So, does Wednesday Word have a place in this blog? Does Christian blogging have a place in this blog? Did I make a mistake?

One of the things I wrote in my book was how I believed that, in a nutshell, if God wasn’t part of your plans, you were going to fail. No matter how good or, dare I say, positive your heart may be, without God, it’s set up to fail. It’s not good.

Now look, you don’t have to agree with me. I would hope you stick around for a good time regardless of my belief but understand if it’s just not in the cards. I’m not going to abandon God. God planted the original seed to make this blog and He’s a big part of it.

So yeah, you’re gonna see some theological posts. The presence of God will be known. I’m not ashamed of it. God is the source of positivity. So, for this blog, He’s going to have His time. And you are welcome to join in or walk away.

What is a Christian blogger? Someone who talks about various aspects of Christianity, basically. Me? I wouldn’t say I go that far. I’m a positive blogger. And, in my belief, God is a part of the positive things in life, so He has to be mentioned.

I hope you tune into the Wednesday Word posts. I really do. My commentary is not like the big time pastors you hear about. But, I know I have a sound mind. The videos are nice and short; not taking too much of your time while providing a good message. I have a category called “It’s Not Religion; It’s A Relationship!”

So yeah, now you can get a better understanding of where this blog is coming from. I wonder why I didn’t make this clear before, although there was one post I mentioned a bit of how big Jesus was around here.

Thanks for reading and I hope you poke around. Let me know how you like the site. Any favorite feature(s) that keeps you coming back for more. Wednesday Word is a growing favorite among you. And I’m glad about that.


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