Monday Motivation: Tell A Joke

Here’s a challenge to you today: Tell a joke. Make somebody smile, even if it’s a little corny. It could be a one-liner. Whatever the joke is, tell it. Have some fun today at work or in school.

There’s plenty of jokes here on DALANEL.

So go ahead and tell a joke. You can’t tell me  a joke though because I probably already know it. Ha!



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Tell A Joke

  1. Norma W. says:

    I’m new to wordpress and I love this idea/blog! To think about how many people go through their lives, feeling invisible and ignored – to think how ONE action, ONE kind act from someone could make that person’s day brighter or lighter is amazing and something we should all practice!


    • Hi, Norma. Welcome to WordPress. Exactly why I do this blog. There are people out there busting their behind day after day just to get by. We all could use (in reference to this particular post) a joke. A smile. An encouraging word can do what you said; make their day brighter. I do hope you stick around and thanks for the comment and reading!


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