Monday Motivation: Tell A Joke

Monday Motivation: Tell A Joke

Here’s a challenge to you today: Tell a joke. Make somebody smile, even if it’s a little corny. It could be a one-liner. Whatever the joke is, tell it. Have some fun today at work or in school.

There’s plenty of jokes here on DALANEL.

So go ahead and tell a joke. You can’t tell me  a joke though because I probably already know it. Ha!



3 thoughts on “Monday Motivation: Tell A Joke

  1. I’m new to wordpress and I love this idea/blog! To think about how many people go through their lives, feeling invisible and ignored – to think how ONE action, ONE kind act from someone could make that person’s day brighter or lighter is amazing and something we should all practice!


    1. Hi, Norma. Welcome to WordPress. Exactly why I do this blog. There are people out there busting their behind day after day just to get by. We all could use (in reference to this particular post) a joke. A smile. An encouraging word can do what you said; make their day brighter. I do hope you stick around and thanks for the comment and reading!


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