Our first question is from Zachary:

Every single week, I come home a day and see a new vacuum cleaner on my front porch. She is buying used old ones, refurbished ones, & new ones. And it’s not like the 1s we have are breaking. She just keeps buying more. I know my Father in law just died a couple days after Christmas. (Her father.) Could this a be a sign of depression. My father in law gave her a Hoover Windtunnel Bagged Upright Vacuum cleaner, for Christmas. And now, thats all shes buying is the Hoover windtunnel bagged upright. I tried talking to her, and asked her to please get help, shes spending money on stuff we don’t need. Then she gets emotional and goes to our room and locks the door, or she goes & vacuums. Please. I need advice!

My goodness. At first I was praying and hoping this would be hilarious. But, when I read that her dad died, plus gave her a vacuum before he died, I can see it clearly. She needs help and fast. Vacuums are expensive! She’s grieving and she needs time but…I don’t want to sound harsh but, this eventually hurt you and her if she doesn’t stop vacuuming the money out of your bank account. Ha! But, seriously, see if other family members from her side of the family can help.

Next is from potato:

how old do i look ?? how wud u rate me ?? can i qualify as a model (from looks).. http://www.flickr.com/photos/115646487@N03/

You look early 20’s maybe mid. I give a two. And no, based on your face, I would not consider you a model.

Last question is from marie~*:

Can a girl play electric guitar if guys can? I know dumb question but im just asking cause I want to play. and im a little self conscious that guys would think bad about it…

That’s not dumb at all. If you want to play the electric guitar, do it. And don’t worry about the losers that think it’s a bad thing. Heck, it could be a turn on for others. Gals and guys can do almost anything.