Welp, here we freaking go again. I might hit a nerve. You could end up feeling some kind of way after I’m done. That’s assuming you end up reading this whole post.

I. You. We. Need to look into the mirror and ask ourselves this question: Am I a bandwagon Christian?

It’s nothing to be ashamed of, in a sense. I mean, it’s not like we’re jumping up and down with excitement every time we face a trial. Still, there are some people that really want all of the benefits and don’t want to work for anything.

As a sports fan, a Philadelphia 76ers fan, I know that it’s not easy to be on a side that…doesn’t win. There was a time when the Sixers had a fantastic start to the 11-12 season, the year of the lockout. During that time, all of a sudden, “fans” started to appear. When the Sixers eventually came back to earth, the same fans disappeared.

A better example is the Miami Heat. As soon as LeBron went down there, all of a sudden, everybody was a Heat fan.

I kinda hate bandwagon fans if only because of principle. There’s a level of loyalty involved with being a true fan. Through the good and bad you have to be ready to show your Sixers pride.

It’s the same concept with Christianity. It’s not going to be all easy. Jesus said Himself that we would be facing trials and sorrows. There are plenty of Christians out there that don’t think this applies to them. And so, when something comes up, when there’s reason to doubt, they throw in the towel.

People want to get into heaven but don’t want to live for God. 

People want to get into heaven but do not want to live for God. At all.

When the time comes to stand up for your “team”, are you willing to say “I’m with Jesus”? Are you? Am I?

When it’s time for God to bless us, we don’t need a reason to get up and in line, do we? What about before the blessing? What about the journey? What happens when we’re down at our lowest point? Do we quit? Huh? Do we?

“Oh, I don’t feel like being a Christian anymore. It sucks.”

Is that you? Is that me?

We need to trust God.

Trust. God.

That’s part of why bandwagon Christians exist. We don’t trust God enough to be able to say, during the trials and sorrows, that we are still on #TeamJesus. But, that’s where true loyalty comes into play.

God loves us. He really does. But, I bet He values the ones who follow Him and stick with Him through the bad times as well as the good.

You know it. You become famous overnight. “I always knew you could do it!” says some random guy you haven’t talked to in years. All of a sudden, you got “friends” who are with you. Next thing ya know, you’re out of the spotlight. And then, they leave you. Just a few true friends remain. How would you feel? I bet a part of you would feel betrayed. Used.

Okay, yeah, some of us wouldn’t get too caught up in it, right? Who knows; being famous changes people sometimes.

Point is, when God is bringing you into a great place, are you willing to stick around when God tells you to do something hard? When you have to go through a test, are you going to back down? “Nah, I can’t do that”

Let’s end this with a note. God loves you no matter what. He sticks by you during your best and worst moments. Shouldn’t we return the favor?


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