Wednesday Word: Accepting criticism

Criticism. Mainly, constructive criticism. How do we handle it? Check out the video:

That’s the key. Or, keys. For one, we need to be willing to accept being corrected. And we need to surround ourselves with people who are willing to do that correcting.

I’m one of those guys who can take and deal out criticism. I probably get that from my mom, who has a large reputation of not having a problem talking to people about themselves. And, what I’ve noticed over the years is that people turn to her for advice and “what should I do?” because they value her honesty.

As the verse said, it’s basically better to be around people who may not be a friend but will tell you what you need to hear vs someone close to you who tells you what you want to hear. If we’re keeping it real, that second part could imply that people close to you are willing to lie to you to risk not hurting your feelings. Is that what you would want in your best friend? Spouse?

That’s the only way we can grow. Pride in ourselves can turn us off to it. If we think we’re fine and don’t have to improve, we’re doomed. God already hates pride. We need to humble ourselves. We need to take criticism. Consider it. Like Blake said, check and see if it lines up with the Word of God and His standards.

So yeah, we don’t have to take in everything that everyone says. But, we do need to be open. On the flip side, we need to be willing to tell people what they need to hear. Initially, he/she may hate you for it. Hate is a strong word. Anyway, in time, if they really dig deep and be honest with themselves, they will realize that they need to take the criticism to heart.

In his example, it was divine intervention. And yes, I’ve talked about this before. God can speak to us through other people. That’s another reason why we should be open on some level to what others say to us. They might not even realize God is using them.

So, we need to understand who we are. When we realize what areas we’re good or bad enough at, listening to critics will be a little easier. God will let you know where you need to improve too. And remember, God loves you. He wants what’s best for you.

If you’re not sure if people are telling you things about yourself from hate or love, at least you can know for sure God always speaks out of love when it comes to trying to help you become the best you can be.

Isn’t that what constructive, loving, criticism is about?


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