Just a friendly reminder about two of my pages here at DALANEL.






Dante’s Opinion is the page for you to submit questions you may have for me or the team here at DALANEL. On that particular Tuesday, we’ll have the answer ready for you. Yes, it’s our opinion; not really advice giving. And again, if you ask me, it’s Dante’s Opinion. Ask Nia? Nia’s Opinion. Daniel? Daniel’s Opinion. Dallas? Dallas’ Opinion.

One note about Dallas; her opinion piece ended up being a top liked post on the site. That’s the first time an opinion post made that list and it just so happens that’s the first post I didn’t do. This confirms two things at least. One, my opinion sucks! More importantly, this really helped with Dallas’ confidence. She shared plenty of concerns she had about doing the post but, I knew she could do it.

Next is Share Your Story. I want to hear from you. What good news have happened in your life? The page will tell you what we’re looking for as well as how you can submit your story.

These pages are designed to get you involved with the blog. It could be fun. So, go ahead and hit the pages: Dante’s Opinion. Share Your Story.

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