Good News 57: Officer saves baby, Help for Atlanta, and more.

Since I’m doing this once a week thing, you can actually expect more than just 2-3 articles. I’m aiming for 4-5 now.

Our first one is how an officer saves a baby’s life:

He immediately opened the baby’s shirt and began rubbing his sternum, but the baby still wasn’t breathing. He quickly rolled the infant over and began administering back blows, pausing after a moment to see the baby was still unconscious and still not breathing. He rolled the baby over a second time and applied more back blows, which caused the baby to vomit and dislodged the obstruction in his airway. The baby began breathing again and opened his eyes.

He’s set to receive a medal for his actions. As for the baby, apparently, it was the result of a milk allergy.

Next, Atlanta and its surrounding areas are struggling with a snow storm. And so, this happened:

Good Samaritans across metro Atlanta took food to thousands of stranded motorists spending the night on ice-locked freeways, helped push cars up hills, offered rides and places to recharge cellphones, and even invited strangers into their homes for the night.

The link goes on to tell a few stories of helping others.

A man overcomes his own tragedy to help others:

Paralyzed from the waist down with a spinal cord injury, he began the grueling work of learning to walk again at the Rehabilitation Institute of Kansas City. That was two and a half years ago. Today Porritt passes his visit to rehab with flying colors.

His insurance paid for it all. Huh. But:

“The purpose of telling my story is to open a door to start a conversation to say, ‘here’s an issue that is happening every day to people in Kansas City and people all over.’ It’s wrong,” Porritt said.

He began the Falling Forward Foundation, which seeks to cover people’s rehabilitation when their insurance runs out.

“I lucked out. Now let’s help other people, let’s give them the same opportunity that I had. I’m proof that it works. Two and a half years of therapy, I have my life back,” Porritt said.

There’s a link in the article where you can donate to the cause if you want. He says it could really help out.

Lastly, we have a breakthrough in stem cell research that could go a long way in fighting various diseases:

The researchers discovered that they could put cells in various challenging circumstances – including in acidic solutions and under physical pressure – and turn mature blood cells into cells that were capable of turning into virtually any cell in the body.

Here’s more:

Biology textbooks say that once a cell matures to serve a specific role, like, say a red blood cell, it can never go back into a less mature state. Vacanti and his colleagues say their new research upends that dogma.

“This study demonstrates that any mature cell when placed in the right environment can go back, become a stem cell, which then has the potential to become any cell needed by that tissue,” said Vacanti, also of Brigham and Women’s Hospital in Boston.

It should be mentioned that the research was done in mice. Of course, if this is successful in people, we could hit the jackpot!

Those are some news from the week. Thanks for reading and share it with your friends!


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