Dante’s Opinion: Should i be friends with her she is a drug addict?

Another week of my opinion is what is, statistically, the lowest performing feature on DALANEL. Dallas’ post was the best one in terms on likes and even became a top liked post here. I’ve been trying to get her to do another soon but she’s got stuff going on.

So, since this feature is not doing so hot, and since I still like this feature, I’m going to move it to Saturday. The Tuesday slot is going to be filled with something soon. During the blog’s birthday week (next week!) I will announce what will show up on Tuesdays.

In the meantime, let’s look at some questions. This first one is from Ashley:

Should i be friends with her she is a drug addict?

My friend was addicted to drugs in the past..Meth, weed, ecstasy, She has alot of issues she tried killing herself also and she was with an awful boyfriend who she let just treat her like ****.

I never left her because of it..i tried helping her, Besides her own issues she was always a really good friend to me..unless she was using when i would meet up with her she would be angry and just a different person then she started trying to make me smoke weed. It’s just not my thing and i don’t believe in taking that stuff so i said no and that was that. Anyways she got off all that and went on a good path for a long time until i found out she still stays in contact with the boyfriend who cheated on her with all her old friends and ruined her life.

Then we went out the other night and she got very drunk and ended up getting cocaine and going home with a girl who was not good to her either i tried making her not go but instead she wanted me to go with her and snort with her ..i just went home. Now after that idk if i should stay friends with her..she message me the other day saying she cant remember asking me to do it with her and that she is so sorry and she would never do that again…what would you do in this situation?

Love from afar. At this point, she obviously needs help. However, what you’ve been doing is the right thing to do. You’ve got to keep her distance. It could be harsh, but it might be time to cut her loose. For you and for her. See, for her, she might think that everything is okay if nothing changes in her life on a major level. Some people need a drastic wake up call in the form of a big event like almost losing their life. Maybe you refusing to hang out with her until she gets her act together could be a shock she needs. On the flip side, if she does decide that it’s time to get help, be there for her.

The worst thing that can happen hanging out with her too much is that you end up getting caught up in her world. She or somebody she knows could cause you harm. Drugs does things to people’s minds. Your best friend on drugs could back-stab you and, as you stated in your question, could not remember anything.

Next question is from storykid:

How do you make someone forget something they weren’t supposed to know? I was looking at a girls Instagram page on my ipod and I like this girl but my brother has a friend who’s been living with us and he’s a troublemaker (he was kicked out of his parents home) and he was using our house phone and he went to hang the phone up and I left my ipod on her page and the screen hadn’t gone off yet and he stood at the computer for a minute and then went back to the bedroom and he rides to school with her everyday and now I’m worried he’s gonna tell her about it and she’s gonna get mad at me and make her Instagram private and unfriend me on Facebook.

I feel it was my privacy and he had no right to look. But I was wondering this just happened 15 minutes ago and he rides to school with her in the morning. What can make him forget about this? Because I don’t want him to tell her. Is there anyway he can forget?

Hahahahahaha unless you got an endless supply of cash to bribe him or a big bat to knock him the heck out and cause some memory loss, you’re screwed. Only thing left is time. Seriously, find a bat.

Last question is my favorite from KingEverything:

Is it wrong if I randomly kiss a girl on the cheek? I really like this girl and I want to run up to her and kiss her on the cheek when she’s not looking. Is this wrong and why? I am in high school, by the way.

Man, I wish I had the balls to do that to a girl I liked! Is it wrong? Nah. Could it get you slapped in the face? Sure nuff. But, if she actually likes you too, then holy crap you did it! I’m a freak enough to seriously consider it. Maybe just chill out and wait before you do anything spur of the moment. But, get your buddies to record it and upload it on YouTube if you do decide to go through with it. I wanna see what happens.


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