Oh, this one is something else. If you’re one that tends to lose your cool, even in the smallest way, today is your day to control yourself. You could even make it a week long project.

Grab yourself a stress reliever and squeeze the life out of that thing. When your boss or co-worker does that thing he does, inhale, and keep your cool. Students, focus on the books.

Even if you simply stub your toe on the chair that wasn’t there, let’s just try to push through it. I know I’ve spent a good two minutes yelling at the leg of my bed for getting in my way. I know; I’m talking to myself in this post.

We’re gonna get through this. I’ve never had a temper problem…although I have been told I can get a little out of hand when it comes to my sisters’ safety. I’ll keep my cool.

Let’s get going!


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