Things You Might Have Not Known About DALANEL

This is not another “Things you didn’t know about me” post. No, this is about the blog. I’m willing to bet there’s some things that you didn’t know about this blog in the past or currently. Let’s begin.

DALANEL has only one deleted post

That’s right. And by deleted, I mean, it was published and eventually deleted. This was way back during the Dante’s Opinion days. The feedback I got for it was so overwhelmingly bad, that I had to knock it out. Other than that, I stick by my posts; good and bad.

The pages on DALANEL spell my name

Ah, the top five pages you see on DALANEL? When you hit the page, the first letter of each one will spell out my name. So, What Is DALANEL?’s first word starts with “D”, Who’s Dante starts with “A” and so on. Just a little game I played with myself.

Not every one on Team DALANEL is human

This one is kinda creepy. But, one of the members here on the blog is a best friend of mine. And, well, he’s a stuffed animal. Yes, it’s Daniel (but, his pic could’ve gave you a hint). This will probably be the only time I mention this fact.

DALANEL was going to be the ultimate Dante blog.

DALANEL almost became the center of my blogging universe. Besides the positive stuff you see today, I was also going to be posting about sports and funny stuff. You even saw me try out the other stuff here at DALANEL before I quit and decided to solely focus on positive blogging.

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