This Week At DALANEL: Birthday Celebration!

DALANEL’s birthday is this week! To be clear, I mean the blog; not me, Dante. On February 14th, this blog turns three years old. It’s walking on sunshine! Jesus can handle the water.

Now, this week is full of fun. I will be taking a look at DALANEL and doing some reflecting. We’re going to laugh, we’re gonna cry (probably from the laughter) and we’ll take a trip down memory lane. We’ll do the featured posts of the past as well. So, DALANEL Review, How Was Your Week, and Daily Good Stuff will all come back to say hello.

So, the featured posts will post as usual. As for the three new guys, they will post as I used to post them. So, DALANEL Review will appear on Thursday. How Was Your Week will pop up on Friday. Daily Good Stuff? Well, I’m not doing each day of the week. I’ll plop that post on Wednesday.

But wait! There’s more! There’s a category on the blog called “Before DALANEL”. Those posts are from the days when this blog was known as Dante’s Opinion. And yes, we have a featured post that keeps that idea alive. However, I will be doing a retro Dante’s Opinion post. Mhm, so check out that category to get an idea of the voice I used in those posts because it’s different than DALANEL’s voice. And wait until you hear about what I’ll be talking about.

I couldn’t confirm anybody from Team DALANEL contributing for the week. If they post, I’ll be surprised. I was hoping they would because they are a part of this blog. But, oh well.

Is there a hidden surprise waiting at the end of the week? Well, each of the posts this week will hint at some sort of announcement. So, you’re gonna have to read up. And no, I won’t be linking back. So, if I say “as you know” and you don’t know, you better find out!

Yes, this week is aiming to celebrate where I came from while looking on to the future. Isn’t that what a birthday celebration is about?

Okay, so that’s all for now. This week is gonna be wild!



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