Dante’s Opinion: Am I a jerk, bully or just jealous?

It’s the last time we’ll see Dante’s Opinion on Tuesday. Let us begin with this question from Hello:

Am I a jerk, bully or just jealous? I’ve been acting like a real dick this past month. So I have been skating for almost 10 years so I am naturally good at it. Everytime I see a guys bring their girls to the skatepark I always show off and make them feel inferior to me in front of their girl.it gets to the point where they can take it no more and they smoothly leave. in my head i’m like “yeah *****, whats up now?” I also like doing it when girls come watch people skate. I pretend I suck at skating for a couple minutes so the other guys get a little confidence boost and BAM hit em with a shock ‘n awe. I start busting out some gnarly tricks and they get mad.

I think I do this out of anger and jealousy because I’m an ugly guy. I know this because I never had a girlfriend, in High School girls never hugged me, but hugged my friends 😦 and I have always been called ugly for no damn reason I even took 2 years off school after I graduated HS because of how insecure I was. I have always been nice and fair to others.

I guess this is what its like to be a bully. to be one of them.

Alright, I don’t think you’re a bully. You’re probably jealous and so you’re acting like a jerk. Why? Because, like you said, you’re not the first person ladies consider on their “how hot is he” scale or something. I feel you. It’s like you’re lashing out to those people that called you ugly. Just because you’re ugly in their eyes doesn’t mean you’re useless or have no value. And your skating aims to do this. I know why you’re doing this. I feel like the right thing to say is to not do this, but, I would probably do it if I were you too.

Next one is from tomb07:

Okay to play joke on neighbor? My neighbor was out repairing his irrigation and I decided to play a joke on him. I snuck up and blasted a huge fart right in his face! Haha, it was a good one! Unfortunately , he stopped being neighborly with me. It was just a good natured joke. Isnt he over reacting?

Are you serious? The heck is your problem!? You don’t go farting in people’s face. That’s sick. I’d treat you differently too. My suggestion is to apologize. Not sure if that will be welcomed with open arms, but it’s a start. Don’t do that again.

Last one is from User:

When you are checking out in a store, who is supposed to say “thank you” first?  Who is supposed to say “thank you” upon parting? The cashier, the customer, or both? I always say “thank you.” Usually the cashier says “thank you” first. Then I say “thank you” in return.

I am curious who is supposed to say “thank you” first. Or does it not matter? Because there were times upon parting, the cashier does not say “thank you.” But before I part, I say “thank you,” and then the cashier says “thank you” in return. Who is supposed to say “thank you” first, or does it not matter?

Hm, I don’t think it matters really. What an odd question. When I was a cashier, I didn’t say thank you. I normally said something like “have a nice day”. I guess the cashier should strike first but I don’t think it’s a big deal.

Y’all have a nice day!



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