I don’t mean to brag but…DALANEL is pretty awesome

You don’t hear this enough from me but…it’s time to get a little cocky.

This blog…this blog is pretty darn awesome. Sexy. Sophisticated. Wonderful.

I’ve put in a lot of work to make this happen. And it’s paying off. I get more and more comments about how “nice” this blog is. I know. I’ve been known. Word of mouth? I don’t know. I do know that more and more viewers are appearing. More and more followers are walking in club DALANEL.

I’ve established a team of bloggers here. I’ve set the tone of posts. Monday Motivation. It’s my way to encourage you and even me. Dante’s Opinion? Maybe a little self centered, although my opinions are on interesting topics for the most part.

Wednesday Word. It’s turning into my darling feature. It’s seen some nice success in the “like” department and Wednesday has been my most successful day on the blog for months now. Thank God.

Good News on a daily basis may or may not happen again. However, it will always be a part of this blog’s mission. Weekly Funnies was the first ever feature I posted on DALANEL and it has served me well.

Where else are you going to find what I bring to the table? Hm? Yup, I’m full of myself right now. I’ve started telling people that this blog is one of the best growing positive blogs out there. That’s what I strive for.

DALANEL is freaking awesome.

This is my legacy. I’ve done many styles of writing and blogging on various sites. And, at the end of the day, I tell people about DALANEL. Not being on Sports Illustrated. Not about being an author. None of that. No, DALANEL is where my heart lies. If I die today, it’s going to be this blog that I want to be remembered for on the writing aspect of my life.

Not writer. Blogger.

Does this blog turn you on? Guess what? I hope it does, baby. What’s not to like? My sly sense of humor? One of the featured posts? Is it posts of past like Daily Good Stuff? It’s a nice alternative to the latest crime. The latest war. The next disaster.

Take a break from that crap. Join me. For a minute. Escape.

Man, this blog is the real deal. I can’t even believe it sometimes. Comments I get from how inspired the person has become after reading my content is great. It means that I’m doing my job, and doing it well. Why not? I’m the man.

The blog is an extension of myself and my ideas and beliefs. So, I’m almost bragging about myself. But, with a team of bloggers here as well, it’s not all me. Aw shucks, most of it is me.

You need to tell people about the good time they’re missing. Do it. Right now.



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