Retro Dante’s Opinion: Cure? No.

Dante’s Opinion takes the questions of life and I add my spin. However, when the blog was known as Dante’s Opinion, there was a little something more personal about the questions I answered. For one thing, I asked myself the questions instead of going around looking for questions.

My tone of writing was different back then. Before I dive in, I should tell you what this post is about. I don’t think that cures for illnesses and diseases are a priority. Cancer? No. HIV? Nah. If you’re sensitive to this, then turn back because I’m going to share my thoughts…my opinion.

I am going to keep this to just the medical aspect. But, you can find this argument in many places.

Anyway, why don’t I think there’s no cure on the way any time soon?

Pill. Take a pill. And another. Get some treatment and come back in a month or two.

Still don’t get it?


Get it? Not yet?

It’s about money. There’s money in treating the ailment. Once you cure it, we don’t need anything else. We don’t have to buy stuff for it. And people will lose jobs. Lots of people.

Ya know, my mom is a nurse. When she first started her program at college, she knew where she wanted to go ultimately. She wanted to do preventive care. She wanted to make sure people didn’t get sick in the first place. There’s two sides.

Here’s an example: You see commercials for heartburn. Instead of simply eating right, you can just take a little pill or whatever. See, we’re not preventing; we’re treating.

That’s ultimately where I’m coming from. I feel like we’re treating stuff. We’re going to basically help you live with something instead of actually killing it off.

Now, you could say that research for a cure is expensive. I have a couple of comments for that. For one, we’ve been walking and donating on the cancer cure front since before I was freaking born. You mean to tell me, we’re still not close?

You know…I really think that, if we wanted to, we could get the cure. If things were so devastating, wouldn’t we invest all of our resources into killing this thing? I don’t know. All of these companies put their money in the super bowl. What if they put that same cash into research?

Oh sure, I think people are working on a cure. I’m not saying that the money is going to some secret project (although, it’s possible). I am saying that, for me, there’s no real sense of urgency.

I’ve spent years thinking about posting this. Scared of the backlash of people who have lost people to these illnesses. I lost my share of people. Close and far. I get it. But hey, I welcome all comments. I could be missing something in my thinking. I would love to think that a cure is on top of the list of things to do. But, after all of these years of just me on earth, I don’t know.

That’s just my opinion!


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