DALANEL Review: Facebook

DALANEL Review is back! Of course, it’s got a place for the blog celebration week.

Today’s review is of Facebook. Ah, yes. Facebook. Some people love it. Others hate it. Quite frankly, I don’t know why you would hate it. It’s only a tool. You hate the people on there. But, whatever.

As you know, I don’t have a personal profile. I converted that into a business page. I can speak on both fronts. I like the idea of Facebook. I like being able to keep up with your friends or companies/celebrities/brands/etc. It’s so easy. If you like something on Facebook, you “like” it. Genius.

Being able to customize my feed to see what I want? Perfect. I’ll admit, shortly before I let go of my profile, I selected to hide the updates of many of my friends. I know. I started using FB for keeping up with pages. Looking at your personal profile, it was a way for people to get to know you. Your interests. Your relationship status. Your bio. Quite frankly, it served as an intro to the person. Of course, FB’s initial idea is that you’re only “friends” with people you actually know. Of course, people don’t do that, and then they try to label FB with a negative zone for strangers scamming you when FB clearly only suggests “people you may know”. K.

FB seems most useful as an address book in most cases for me. However, I did have fun with the games. I thought Farmville was gay so I wasn’t one of those guys that always harassed you with invites. Other than that, the chatting and messaging stuff wasn’t why I was on in the first place.

There are some privacy issues. However, one thing for me is that once it’s on the internet, it’s there forever. I’ve known this for quite some time but, it didn’t hit me until I so called deleted my profile. Facebook let me know time and time again that I would be deleting all of my info if I shifted to being a page. Only thing that would carry over would be that my friends would now like my page. That’s all I remember. So, I went through with it. And, for the first few days, I still was able to actually access my profile. I could click and look around and everything. I was even able to update it. I figured the system needed time to clear my stuff out. Here we are, a year later, and I can STILL get to my old stuff. So, this is a warning for you: If you put some naughty pictures on FB, and then delete them to try to clean up your image, there’s a good chance that it’s not really deleted. Again, it’s sort of common internet knowledge, but something to be aware of.

Would I recommend it to others? Yeah, I would. A lot of people are on FB and I think it’s cool to not only keep up with people you know, but catching up with people from your past, if you care for it. If you’re not much of a people person like me, there’s still plenty of other uses for it whether it’s games or keeping up with brands, companies, TV shows, big names of people, and more.

What about you? You on Facebook? What’s your favorite thing to do on there? Hate Facebook or don’t care for it? Why? Like me on Facebook and/or add Dallas T. on Facebook. Links are on the left side on desktop version

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