Hey, it’s time for another round of good news.

First we have a kid with Down syndrome become a hero on the court.

Grow, who has Down syndrome, had been a manager for the Bensalem boys basketball team for four years. But it’s what he did on senior night on the court that’s garnering all of the attention. Kevin got to play, and when he did, he made magic happen.

What kind of magic, you ask?

Kevin hit four 3-pointers in the last two minutes of the game to help beat Neshaminy 64-40.


Next, a woman donates $15,000 to three waitresses:

Over the weekend, three waitresses at a restaurant in Caledonia, Ill., each received a $5,000 tip from an anonymous woman — and two of the waitresses weren’t even serving her table.

If you follow the link, it’ll tell ya what they plan to do with the money.

Lastly, we have a fan of football. A 49ers fan was in the championship parade for the Seattle Seahawks. But there’s more to this story:

Tate reached out to the Seattle TV station following the parade, wanting to compliment the fellow Niner lover courageous enough to sport the enemy colors nehind enemy lines. She says she first merely hoped to give the teen “front-row seats in the new stadium on the 50-yard line.”

After connecting with the 15-year-old fan via social media and finding out he was living in shelters as a ward of the state, she started a gofundme account to gather donations for a trip to San Francisco.

Expecting just 49er fans to help, Tate says she has been touched by the flood of offers of help for the youngster via shelter, counseling and other assistance — especially from Seahawks fans.

It’s great to see sports fans come together beyond the game.

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