Top 16 DALANEL Posts

I’ve written close to 800 posts for DALANEL in these three years. I wanted to look back at my favorites. Most likely, featured posts will not be listed. But, it’s my list and my rules. I’ll put whatever the heck I want. Please.

What Is A Good Brother?/ A Brother’s Work Is Never Done

Those are two links. And, unofficially, A Brother’s Work Is Never Done is a continuation of the original post. Also, What Is A Good Brother is the first post I ever wrote. These are probably my favorite posts of all time.

Setting the Record Straight About Homeschooling

People needed to be informed. I set them straight.

Role Models

I there’s really only one group of people you should look up to.

My Personality Quiz Results

Ah, I really had a good time with the quizzes. For me, they got it right.

The Power of the Tongue

One of my favorite “theological” pieces.

What Happened At My Latest Book Signing

I say this is the moment when I decided to officially label myself as a blogger over a writer.

You Will Be Healed

As kids of God, we will be healed. Sometimes, it’s a matter of when.

Thoughts On Blogging and Writing

Another post talking about what can sometimes be said of my struggle for an identity in the writing sphere.


These two posts touch on the same subject, but are different enough to pull them both here.

God and Fear

This was the result of losing a debate of what “fear the Lord your God” means. For a lot of the people in this group discussion I was in, they thought you should really be scared of God. This post is my take on the subject.

Celebrating My Great Grandmother’s 90th Birthday!

My great grandmother turned 90. In that post is a list of awesome things she’s doing even at that time. Continuing the thought process behind my “Role Models” post, she is somebody I look up to.

Ten Fred Hammond Songs

I love Fred Hammond. I can’t say that list is my top favorites. I can only say I really like those songs.

I Thrive As The Role Player

Over the years, I’ve concluded that I’m not really the leader type of person. But, I am a key player on the team.

Passion Drives the Blog

There’s a lot of things involved with a blog. There’s a lot of things that will make or break a blog. I think that passion is a very key part of that. Love what you write about.

Christmas Miracle: Virgin Olive Oil Found to Be Pregnant

One of three satirical articles I have posted on the site, I talk about how a bottle of virgin olive oil became pregnant.

Miracle Before My Driver’s Test

That time when God showed up and helped me pass my driver’s test when I gave up. I don’t wanna say too much because it’ll spoil the surprise of how it happened.

And so, these are quite possibly and likely, my favorite posts that I’ve written here at DALANEL. Of course, if I were to do this again a week from now, it could look different. Thanks for reading.



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