Another Year for DALANEL


Today we celebrate DALANEL’s anniversary. On February 14th, 2011, I launched this blog. It was Dante’s Opinion. I kept that name until August 2012. In April 2011, I had five views. I barely had any followers. In November 2013, I had well over 2,000 views. It’s not much, but it’s something. I have a solid following and after years of struggles to find an identity for this blog, I finally have it.

My only regret is that I didn’t start this style of blogging when I first started. I’m imagining what three years of the previous couple of months growth would mean for this blog. But, that’s okay; I’m on my way.

I made it this far. I want to thank God for the inspiration. This blog’s goals are something I pride myself in bringing out, even if it’s not the popular one. Heck, since I was sort of a social outcast, this actually makes sense. I’m used to not being in the light of everyone’s approval so doing this blog was easy.

I want to thank my parents for giving me a new laptop because, like I said during the summer, the way my old one was acting up, there was no chance I’d be blogging today had they not stepped in and helped me out. There was a point where the enemy just about had me. I seriously considered quitting because the darn laptop wouldn’t stay on for more than 15 minutes at a time before blue screen or browser crash or something. But, I was not to be defeated. I stubbornness helped me too.

I want to thank you, my readers and followers for the support. It’s been really fun watching the blog grow. Part of me didn’t really think I’d even hit 100 followers. I really hope that this blog has been worthwhile for you. I hope you got something good, maybe even great, from the content here. It’s my goal to provide some sort of beacon of hope in a dark world. I’m happy that you’ve stuck around with me.

I want to thank my team. Yeah, they’re a very new part of what’s going on but they are going to make this year that much better. I appreciate the contributions they made already and what they are going to make in the future. When I die, they may or may not continue blogging here; but they have the green light. Yeah, in case you don’t know, I have a post scheduled to appear on my birthday. Only way it doesn’t is if I’m dead. But, the blog could still live on.

I’m excited. This blog could go another three years, hopefully. Ah, three years. That’s one year per nipple!



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