This is it. The final part. If you haven’t read the other parts, go ahead and do it.

I’ll be picking up where I left off.

So, God wanted me to be Joy. I was joy. My family needed joy in these times of sorrow.

I took on the challenge. I changed my personality. I became a little more social. Before, when people asked me “How are you?” I would say “Fine” and keep walking. Yeah. Now, “How are you?” “Fine, how are you?” “I’m doing well; thanks for asking”. Of course, I actually have started to do that less because there are too many moments where my question goes completely unanswered. I know. And then, I’m left hanging like somebody left high on a high five.

Anyway, I worked on my comedy. During the events of the past couple of years, I had also started working at my church’s foodbank. I volunteered for other areas. I was active as a Boy Scout. I was at the “why is bad things happening to me? I’m going good things for others! What goes around comes around is a joke, plain and simple” phase. But, still, I kept pressing on. People who were less fortunate needed some joy. Again, I was that joy.

I had to be the light. I eventually joined Facebook after years of not wanting to get involved. What was the first thing I did on Facebook? Post jokes. That’s right. My first status was “joke of the day”. I did this for a long time. Then, I created a Facebook page dedicated to funny things. And, while there’s not too many followers, it was a hit.

It was during 2010. It was English 102; some basic stuff. I aced 101, which was a surprise. A huge surprise. Anyway, I was feeling pretty good going in. Towards the end of the semester, we had one final project. We had to write a play. The play could be about just about anything. I had to think real hard about what I wanted to write about.

I thought about what happened to me just a couple of years ago. I thought about how my family had to move to a new home. I also remember how that house was actually a dump when we got to it. The previous owner was there for only a year. We have no idea if he or the owners before left that mess in the house but, it was a mess.

And there was my inspiration. The play was called “A New Home” and the main characters were based off of me and my family. I used out middle names. I started that play and turned it in. I got a good grade. But, then, I decided to add to it. to this day, the play still grows. I add a few scenes here and there. At some point, I’m hoping soon, it’ll come to an end.

I’ll take this time to mention a couple of things. For one, the spin-off to that play is actually posted here in its entirety, I did it last summer and was featured alongside my video series. Number two, I will also take the time to announce that I will be posting the first act of A New Home next week. I’ll get on that in a different post.

Back to the story. So, I discovered I had some writing skill. My page, “Writing Career” tells it better so I’ll skip some details. Long story short, I was inspired to start my own blog in February 2011. February 14th was the date. Yes, three years ago, I started a blog that would eventually be known as DALANEL.

Still, my presence was mainly on Facebook and the pages I had created. That is, until I got the job at The Sixer Sense. I became editor in 2012. In August 2012, I revamped the then dead blog, Dante’s Opinion, and here is DALANEL.

I remember it. I had finally snapped. I remember reading about a girl who was molested by a young teen in the play pen at McDonald’s. Reading about that just destroyed me. I gave up on humanity for a little bit. Kids raping kids? We’re all going to hell. We’re in hell. This was hell.

And then, it hit me. Use your blog to counter it. Counter the negative in your life. I used my negative experience to created something cool on my play. Couldn’t I do it on a larger scale with Dante’s Opinion?

Again, I was joy. I had to bring it. Bring me. And that’s part of why I named it after me. Because, in my mind, I was joy. And so, I had to be positive. I had to be a leader. In a world where kids are raping each other, I had to make a stand and showcase the good gong on.

Yes, the bad stuff is important. I’m not really saying to shut that down. I am saying that, it shouldn’t be hard or rare to hear about the good stuff going on.

Thanksgiving and Christmas cracks me up. You would almost believe that foodbanks and toy drives are only operating for a couple of months.

We need to be bringing a positive attitude all year, not just during the holidays when we’re drunk on turkey and eggnog. Feel me?

That’s my goal. That’s my plan. I had bad time. I had a bad year. I wish I had a nice little blog like this to keep my spirits up during those tough times. I hope this blog has been good for you. I hope your day got a little better from the motivations or the good news or the Wednesday Word or something. Something.

Don’t let your negative moment destroy you. Rise above it. Become a better person. Try to take something out of it. I don’t know what you’re going through. It’s probably worse than my story. I do know that, with God’s help, you can get through it.

And that’s how the worst moment of my life made me a better person.