As you may have noticed, I’ve been quiet the past couple of days. If you follow me on FanSided, you know I haven’t posted in a week as I write this.

I lost some blogging fire recently.

Will I be able to get it back? Or is this just a temporary thing?

I’m pretty sure this is a temporary thing here at DALANEL. I probably needed a break. As for FanSided…well, that’s another story.

I’ve been thinking about leaving FanSided for a little while. And that’s because I’ve lost just about all of my sports blogging fire. I looked back at posts from the first year I started back in the 2011-12 season. I then looked at my first few months as editor of The Sixer Sense. I blogged about stuff. Legitimate stuff.


I write at two sites on the network. And I post weekly features at both sites. At The Sixer Sense, I post a link dump type post and I also do a break down post for the Atlantic division in the league. Nothing major in that breakdown either.

At Sir Charles In Charge, I do a special power rankings where I rank the teams in the league that have red, white, and blue as their team colors. The Sixers fit in that category so I enjoy it on some degree.

Still, my team analysis game is dead. The types of post that launched me into the sports blogging world don’t appear anymore and I don’t know why.

This ended up spilling into DALANEL. I barely managed Monday Motivation. The play had been scheduled to appear so I didn’t have to do anything. And, I happen to enjoy Wednesday Word. Good News and Weekly Funnies…idk what happened.

Anyway, it’s to the point that I’m seriously considering leaving and the sports blogging world. My attention to DALANEL played a part in this too. I’ve been putting most of my blogging time into DALANEL and it’s hurt my sports blogging game.

However, the team itself hasn’t been worth writing about, in my opinion. It seems like there’s nothing to talk about. And I think that has also played a part of my losing fire. Long story short, I gave up being a die hard Sixers fan last season. And, most of my blogging game came from the fact that I was a die hard fan. Now, I’m just a regular fan.

I want to wait until April, the end of the NBA regular season, before I officially make up my mind. Until then, I must get the fire back.

DALANEL, as I said, has suffered in my spell. This, I don’t know why. I’ve just been really lazy lately. But, like I said, this is mostly temporary. Maybe it came from blogging my behind off last week. I published 20 posts in just five days. That’s a lot more than normal, although I did writing weeks before on some of the posts.

But, yeah, I guess that’s what ended up slowing me down a bit. So, next week, I should be back up and running.

Ultimately, and I’ve mentioned it before, I believe that passion/fire drives the blog. And so, that’s why my fire for FanSided is dying. There’s no passion for blogging about the Sixers. There’s still passion about blogging positive things so I don’t think I’m dying there; just need a breather.

Just hang with me. Hang on. We don’t always feel like blogging. As long as this doesn’t happen too often and it doesn’t feel like “work” or “chore” or the dreaded “let me get this out of the way”, you and I and our blogs should be fine.

I’m getting there with FanSided. Not close with DALANEL.


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