Daniel’s Opinion: Do you think the male sex drive will slow down?

Yo, what’s good? It’s ya boy, Danny, taking over the opinion post for this week. And a couple of things before we get started. For one, Dante’s opinion is useless. Trust me. You’ll love my thoughts. Second, Dallas T may have the most liked opinion piece on the blog; but that’s about to change.

Yeah, it’s on.

This question is from JustSaying2000:

When will robots finally replace humans?

I see it more and more, i go to factory’s and i see robots doing the jobs that humans once did! For example go to any grocery store and you will see automatic cash register’s instead of a human cashier, although there is still one human monitering the machines so they do not malfunction. I used to work at factory’s and i ask about the machines that they run, and the older senior’s in their 40’s and up tell me how there used to be 60 people running a line and now there’s like 12 to 20 max on a good day sense the machines do the jobs that workers once did, the packaging and wrapping of products, even in restaurants the dishwasers are being more and more replaced by automatic dishwashers. You don’t even need to go to the bank and talk to someone about a withdraw since there are atm’s. It’s almost scary how fast technology is replacing humanity, the more we advance the less we need some TYPE of humans. I guess you could say in the future only a few select human’s will be able to survive in this technological world, we wont need this so called worker bee’s like in nature, let’s face it some humans are just grunts or worker bee’s in the future their mundayne work will be replacable by robots that will do it for little to no cost and more effective. When will we expect such an obvious transformation to take place?

Ya know what? I’m not sure. Some could argue that there will always be people around to monitor the robots. I’m not convinced. I bet one day, robots will eliminate humans. Humans are going to make the robots too sophisticated and then it’s all over. I recently read somewhere that there’s some work going into a robot that could deliver pizza. Right to your front door. F that.

When? I don’t know. I don’t think in my lifetime though and I’m pretty young.

Next is from Katerina:

Do you think the male sex drive will slow down?

The Earth is pretty populated– we once would’ve gone extinct without guys being super horny, but we don’t really need that anymore. Biologically it would be beneficial for their sex drives to lessen to avoid overpopulation ( which breeds even more disease & such ). Therefore, I’m curious to know that if in the next couple of years, guys won’t be such horn dogs anymore. We’re not on the verge of going extinct anymore; we’re the dominant species of the planet, with excess children. We really don’t need it to be as high as it is right now.

You suck. First of all, what’s with the “male” sex drive? Women don’t have one? Wtf is a horn dog?

Alright, well your question was interesting. For me, I would think not. Shoot, guys wake up hard. It’s a natural part of the body and I don’t think outside circumstances would affect that. Notice “cum” was in “circumstance”. But yeah, we’ll always wanna get it on, baby.

Yeah, now like my post so I can beat Dallas. I’m out.


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