New Feature: Follower Friday

Hi everybody! So, I’m trying out this new featured post. It’s called Follower Friday. Basically, this is the day for me to honor my followers. I appreciate you all and I’m glad you’re enjoying this blog. I’ve got a nice team of bloggers here as well.

So, what is Follower Friday?

See, FF is not a copy cat of Twitter’s “Follow Friday”. There, somebody (or you) will tell all of their followers to follow accounts on Twitter. FF on DALANEL is different. Here, my goal is to showcase my followers. Maybe it is the same in a way because by showing off my followers, you could end up liking what you see and follow them. Still, I’m just showing off my followers’ content.

But how?

I’m glad you asked. Currently, the goal is to visit the sites of my followers and read their content. I will then link posts that I like back to my blog. I’ll give my thoughts on it and share a little passage/excerpt from it and then you can check out the entire post if you want.

I know my followers are really awesome. I am also aware that not all of my followers have the same blogging style and goals as mine. Not to worry, I find entertainment in all areas. I don’t care what type of blog you have; if I like the content, I’m showing it off.

As you may have noticed, I put a widget on the blog that shows off the current followers of the blog. I think it shows up to 50 at a time. I have much more than that.

Hold on; let’s be clear here. By followers, I do mean WordPress followers. Not Tumblr, Facebook, LinkedIn and the other social media sites.

Anyway, the best way for me to visit you guys is to look for you on the widget. But, I want each follower to have a chance. So, my intention is to write down the names of the blogs I visit so I know I don’t run into them twice while another blog still hasn’t been checked out. Also, I’ll probably link back to 2-4 posts per week. The number could increase over time. I don’t have that many followers and I would like to spread the weeks out.

This should be simple enough.

We can make it interesting. If you follow me, and want me to check out a post you wrote, don’t hesitate to let me know. Seriously. You put work into that post. When combining all of my WP and social media followers, I’m over 1,500. You should get some exposure if I share your post. Of course, if you hit me with a post, you’ll have to keep quiet until it’s your turn again. Just thinking about my last sentence, you really wouldn’t know when I would rotate to you since I plan on doing things randomly.

On the flipside, if I don’t post content from your blog, it’s because of two things: I absolutely couldn’t find anything I found interesting. Or, I haven’t gotten to you yet. Be cool. And trust me, nothing is too sick for this blog. Again, if I like it, I’m showing it. So, this is a chance to get to know me a little better if only because you’ll find out what tastes I have.

Okay, I think that’s it. I’m hoping to make this a success. Only way that happens is if you keep pumping up the quality content. I know I don’t follow everybody that follows me. I’m probably missing out on some special stuff (although I visit each follower’s site when they first follow me).

Alright, so this Friday will be the first post. Keep an eye out for me this week.



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