Dante’s Blog Network: How this changes DALANEL

I have three blogs. DALANEL, Dante’s Funny World, and Dante Ball. I’ve talked about each one of them here on DALANEL.

For a time, I have told you that DALANEL is my blogging center. This is where my heart resides in the blogging world.

Insert Dante’s Blog Network.

DBN is a blog that acts as a feed for the blogs I previously mentioned. The opening of that feed and blog has a little effect on DALANEL.

Rewind to December.

Remember how I was going to have less and less personal posts and more posts of the mission statement of DALANEL? I hope you do. In And so, the only time I talked about myself is if there was a some great positive ending that could apply to anybody. Other than that, a lot of my life has not been posted.

That changes with DBN.


See, not only will I use that space as a feed, but that will also serve as a personal blog space where I can talk freely. That way, DALANEL can really hone in on being a positive light like it was meant to be.

If you look at my other two blogs, there’s barely any mention of me. They focus on the content. That’s how it should be. And their layouts are nice and simple as well. I’ve really made it content oriented.

But here, at DALANEL, I’ve added not only a focus on content, but a focus on me as well. In my opinion, I think it can take away from the blog’s main mission. Over the course of the past couple of months, I’ve been making a gradual shift of less Dante and more positive. With the emergence of DBN, I can make a rather large shift that does effect the blog’s appearance.

I’m removing the “Who’s Dante” page and their sub pages “Writing Career”, “My Book”, and “Contact”. Those pages essentially will be moved to DBN as that is the Dante center of my blogging world now. Also, widgets for the other blogs as well as my work at FanSided are going away.

I want DALANEL’s focus to be on being a positive place. Those other things sort of distract you from that because my personal stuff was in the way. I used DALANEL as a combo of me and the blog’s goal.

This doesn’t mean DALANEL is no longer my baby. It still is. As I’ve said a while ago, the last blog to be active by me, for my intention, is going to be DALANEL. And, actually, it’s true. I’ve scheduled a post to appear on my birthday. It announces my death. Of course, if I live to my birthday, then I change it for next year. But, the last post from me on any blogging scale if I were to die today would be DALANEL.

And, if I voluntarily shut my blogging empire down, DALANEL will be the last to go. Interestingly enough, DALANEL isn’t the first blog I set up. National Sixers is. I’ve since put that baby to bed, but DALANEL is actually blog number two.

So, anyway, I will be further distancing myself from the blog even more. At this point, the page “Meet the Team” is going to be the last remaining bio info about me from this site.

I would recommend you checking out my new spot. If not, thank you for checking this blog out. Keep this in mind: The content or at least the goal won’t change. DALANEL remains one of the best in positive blogging, and it’s striving to be the absolute best. And with me out of the way, you can better see that.



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