This is a late decision but, the featured post, Dante’s Opinion, is moving to my newly launched Dante’s Blog Network. As I mentioned before, this is key in my quest to eliminate me from the blog.

Dante’s Opinion wasn’t performing well anyway at DALANEL. And, quite frankly, it doesn’t fit all that well into what I’m trying to do at DALANEL. But, I like making those posts so I’ll still be working on it.

So, just giving you the heads up. I also considered moving Weekly Funnies away but I’m keeping it here. The play will continue to post here as well as it does play a part in telling the story of what inspired DALANEL in the first place.

So yeah, DALANEL will be holding onto Monday Motivation, Wednesday Word, and Good News as the leading posts for the site. Follower Friday should do well too as well as Weekly Funnies.