Let’s finally make this official. I have created a mini blog network of stuff I like. I have DALANEL as the positive experience. You know about this.

I have also mentioned another blog: Dante’s Funny World. There, I post all things funny.

In the past, I have run other blogs like National Sixers and Christian Interpretations. I locked those away.

Recently, and I didn’t announce this to anybody, I started up a blog to cover something I was going to do here: Talk about Dante and Basketball.

So, the blog’s name is Dante Ball. I talk about NBA players as well as college players named Dante.

Currently, I have three blogs: DALANEL, Dante’s Funny World, and Dante Ball. You may have already noticed the widgets with recent content from the other two.

I just wanted to make this official. I’m calling it the Dante Blog Network. It’s DBN. The ultimate goal is to connect all three of them in a “main page” where they all come together. That’ll be for people who want to follow the posts of all of the blogs in one place.

See, Dante Ball and DFW don’t cover all of my social media spots. DFW only hits Facebook, Tumblr, and G+. Dante Ball goes to Twitter. No one account has all three of the posts.

Now, understand that DALANEL gets most of the attention. However, the other two blogs cover things that I wish I could, but it wouldn’t fit into the mold of what I want DALANEL to fill.

For those of you wondering why I named this post what it is, if you haven’t figured it out already, I have three nipples. I have an unpublished book called One Play Per Nipple. In there, I have three plays. Not everybody can do that. Not many people can. I’m taking advantage of my usual or not very common chest while expressing my love for blogging and making something pretty cool.

So, for desktop viewers, the widgets to the blogs are to the right. For tablet and mobile users, the widgets should be below. Follow whatever floats your boat. Also, hit those sites for more info about what happens over there.

Dante…is the man.


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