Dad has accident with machete, four year old daughter saves his life

Here’s a story of a brave little girl who saw that her daddy had an accident with a machete. Ya, there was blood. Pops was dying.

Last week — when she was still three — her dad was out back cutting up a tree that had fallen in the ice storm. He was using his machete on some branches. He accidentally cut his right arm near the wrist — his artery, nerves, tendons.

The mom, Andrea Powers, was at work. The neighbors were not at home.

The little girl’s name is Elisha. And Elisha had a little sister.

Shawn ended up sitting on the front porch with Elisha and her younger sister, Elaina. He was trying to stop the bleeding with his left hand, and unable to pick up the phone with either hand to call 911.

But he and his wife had taught Elisha how to do it.

“I knew she was my only option,” Shawn said, “my last option, basically.”

She called 911. Teaching her how to unlock the cell phone and dial the number was a good idea, I guess. They had just taught her too. She was describing what she did. She also said this:

“I put [the phone] in Daddy’s ear and then he talked to the police and then I was crying. And then I was really brave.”

Her dad also said this:

“She did great,” Shawn said. “I mean, she was very calm the whole time. I could see her, she was tearing up and everything, but she wasn’t crazy crying, screaming and everything. It’s like she knew there was something important that she had to do and she was going to do it.”

“I remember her saying, ‘I don’t want to lose my daddy, I don’t want to lose my family,’ it’s like she knew this was a way that she could help me. So I was really, really proud of her.”

It’s a good thing she kept her cool. The morale of the story is: It’s never too early to teach your kids how to function in an emergency. Sure, they’re young. You can only pray that, in the right moment, they’ll be able to pull through with their “training”.

The whole story can be read here.


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