Monday Motivation: Fight your addiction

Most of us have that one thing we like or do that, well, would take a lot to stop dealing with. Me? This Windows Phone has been absolutely terrific. And, sadly, I may need a little rehab if I were to lose it.

You might watch a little too much TV. Or perhaps it’s something more serious like drugs or alcohol. Could be sex (can’t help ya there!). Whatever the addiction is, today…this week…from now on: FIGHT IT.

Don’t be a slave to your desires. Be strong! Fight back. “No more!” Tell that thing who’s boss. You’re calling the shots, baby!

In some cases, the things we’re fighting are a part of our lives. And so, we have to be able to manage them. Other things are harmful and need to go ASAP. I’ll leave you to be the judge of that. Be honest with yourself or you’re probably gonna fail.

I’m out.


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