The family got their new home. It’s time to take a look at it…

Ray, Olivia, and the kids are at 21 the next day.

Lamar: Good grief, look at this dump!

Ray (looking at Lamar sternly): Hey, this won’t be your home if you keep that attitude up.

Lamar: Sorry.

Latrice (screams) What is that…that thing!?

Lamar: Dad look! It’s a raccoon.

Ray: I thought they only came out at night.

Suddenly, the raccoon jumps on Ray.

Ray: Hey! (makes grunting sounds while wrestling raccoon)

Lamar: (laughs) Let me see what I can do.

Lamar attempts to help Ray. He succeeds, but not after Ray’s face is torn up.

Olivia: Ray, honey, I have the first aid kit in the car. (she starts off for the car)

Latrice: Wow dad, you look horrible.

Lavonne: Yeah (giggles) you do.

Lamar: You have so many lines on your face; you could play a few games of tic-tac-toe! (laughs) But, seriously, it looks bad.

Olivia returns.

Olivia: Lamar stop it. (to Ray) This might burn a bit.

She puts some rubbing alcohol on Ray’s face

Ray (grunts): Ooooooh…easy (yelps) whoa!

Olivia: There we go. All better.

Ray: Yeah right.

Lavonne: Are we going to look at the inside of the house?

Ray: Yeah. Let’s go inside. Safer than being out here that’s for sure.

They go inside. The stairway railing has parts missing. Some of the hardwood flooring is torn off. Wallpaper is stripped off the wall. There is a couch on green carpet, both look very old. 

Lavonne: Never mind. We should go.

Ray: Hey, now let’s think about this. Try to picture how it would look when we are done with it.

Lamar: Look at this couch. Are we keeping it?

Olivia: No we are not. In fact, you and your father need to take that out now.

Ray and Lamar lift up the couch. The original color of the carpet is exposed.

Latrice: Eeeeww, why is that part of the carpet white and the rest is green?

Lavonne: The white part is the regular color of the carpet. I guess the green got on it over time.

Olivia: Well who lived here before? This is just a horrible-

Lamar: What’s that smell?

Ray: Can we get rid of this couch now? It is pretty heavy.

Ray and Lamar go take the couch to the curb.

Olivia: The smell might be from the kitchen.

The girls and Olivia go to the kitchen.

Latrice: The dishwasher?

Lavonne opens the door to the dishwasher. Unfortunately, there is a skunk inside.

Olivia: Close it, close it!

Lavonne: Too late.

The skunk jumps out and turns his behind towards the ladies. Just as it is raising its tail, Ray and Lamar come in. Ray, not knowing there is a skunk in the room brushes by the ladies. At that moment, the skunk sprays Ray.

Ray: (spitting and coughing): Are you kidding me?

Everybody but Ray is laughing.

They are at the House Depot. After looking at the damages to the house, they are talking to an associate for advice on what type of parts they need to buy.

Ray: Excuse me; can you help me out sir?

Mason: (looking at Ray’s scratches) First aid is in aisle 10.

Ray: No I’m okay. We just got this new house and it’s a real fixer-upper. Have any advice on flooring?

Mason: Okay, follow me to aisle 6 please. Alright, are you getting new or replacing the floor?

Olivia: New. There’s no hope for the previous flooring and, I want a different color. Like…that one.

Ray: That one? I kind of like this one right here.

Olivia: That is too light. They have to match the cabinets.

After an hour of going back and forth, Ray and Olivia are able to agree on furniture and appliances for 21, as well as flooring.

Oh boy, looks like the family has some work ahead of them. It also looks like Ray is having a hard time.