Don’t worry; I still love DALANEL

My lovely readers, you may have noticed I’ve been making some tweaks here at DALANEL. There are other changes on the way. Now, it will appear as if I’m putting DALANEL on the back as I deal with Dante Ball and Dante’s Funny World.

And yes, part of that is true.

However, DALANEL is where all the action is. The reason I launched Dante’s Blog Network was to be able to blog about the things I love, in one place. Blogging the positive, sports, and humor is what I’m about. When I first started DALANEL, that’s what this blog was going to be about. However, a blog clustered with such different content is something I read was bad news. So, I picked the positive blogging as DALANEL’s focus.

DBN is the optional follow all of my writing in one spot type blog. However, the blogs I run are under one common goal: To make me look good.

There will be changes here at DALANEL is only to further create a unified look. I’m not planning on changing the actual layout/theme of the blog. Each blog should have a theme that sort of matches what the blog’s voice is. But, each blog will have a standard. And yes, each blog will be periodically posting about the other blogs. So, for you folks, you’ll see “Follow my other blogs” or some other posts like that every once in a while.

One major change that could take place is that Dante’s Blog Network takes all of the social media load. Because the posts there always link back to their respective sites, I could possibly still get views.

The point of this post is to brace you for changes. Experimental or permanent. You’ll probably notice less featured posts here. That’s because, ultimately, my blogs will compliment each other. For instance, Weekly Funnies is gone. You like funny stuff? Go to Dante’s Funny World. Follower Friday could shift to Dante’s Blog Network since that’s my writing center.

Hold on. Now, let’s make this clear: DALANEL is my baby. My number one. However, in the entire blogging world, my center is DBN. There, not only are my three blogs present, but, my work at FanSided and other writing stuff is there too.

But, like I said, DALANEL is my baby. At the end of the day, it always will be. So, don’t worry.

I still love DALANEL and am excited for its future as part of a network. My network.



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