This may be my favorite word of all time. It’s also one of the shortest.


These are the times where we really need to evaluate ourselves. It was the perfect story. He said all there is to say.

Watch what you eat this week. If we’re so full of junk food…skittles…we lose our appetite for actual nourishment. Sometimes, it shows. Maybe you text while in church. For no reason. You’re just bored…or full. Or, for you football fans; you’re ready to go home to catch the game. You even consider not going to service if it means you could miss the long behind preview shows.

What are our bellies full of?

It’s not a diet either. You can’t just come into church for a few weeks and then go back to what you were eating before. It really is a lifestyle change. If you want a healthy spiritual life, you have to eat the right food all the time.

Wednesday Word can be a healthy snack for your spiritual life; but I can’t say this is something to live on. Go to church. Hear the word. Sing the songs. It’s for your benefit.

Live well.