Follower Friday is me taking the time to check out the WordPress followers that I have. Let’s see what I’ve uncovered.

First is from a blog called Heroes of Yolanda

A post from there talks about how a group of entertainers took part in a benefit for victims of Typhoon Haiyan. Here’s a little piece:

“We were so glad that this simple act of kindness through the power of music, was able to contribute substantially not only to the material and tangible rehabilitation…but most significantly, for a moment, we were able to entertain them,” said MaryJane Salomon, founder of Help Direct Initiative (HDI), which organized the concert.Part of the event was the distribution of more than a thousand mattresses donated by the Singapore Red Cross.

Good stuff. Make sure you hit that link and check that blog out.

Next, I visited was Levi’s Daily Thoughts.

The post I came across was really special.

Levi went on to talk about how technology brings us a little closer to each other. There’s a good chance you’ve met many people in the internet, and not in the flesh. And then you add a dash of Jesus and you get this last paragraph:

It won’t always be this way. There is a day coming when every person who has ever lived will see Him. It may not be far off. It could be tonight. “In a moment, in the twinkling of an eye, at the last trumpet. For the trumpet will sound, and the dead will be raised imperishable, and we shall be changed ( I Cor. 15;52). It won’t be only by faith in that instant. Christ is real to us now, but He will be genuinely authentic to us then. We shall see Him as He is. What a day that will be! All who have entrusted their souls to Him will finally see their Savior; but those who haven’t trusted Him will meet their Judge.

Really good post. Check it out.

Last site I checked out is something for debate. There’s some info in the article that shows just how much someone makes from the government in childcare. The bottom line for the author is that we’re rewarding deadbeat parents. What do you think? Here’s something from the post:

In fact, they get more money if there is no husband/father in the home. In other words, our corrupt government rewards people for being lazy and irresponsible with their marriage. Do you wonder why the government seems to attract politicians who are lazy and irresponsible with our freedoms, money, and values?

Again, read the entire post. It’s an interesting read. Let me know your thoughts on the posts I presented today. If ya liked what ya saw, give them a follow!