Good News expands: Hero of the Week, Breakthrough of the Week, and more

I’m going to try to expand good news in a sense. I would like to have something posted each day on DALANEL. I have Monday, Wednesday, and Friday locked up. So, we have Tuesday, Thursday, and Saturday to look into. My wildly unsuccessful play runs on Tuesday, but that won’t be forever. Thursday is where Good News tends to land. Friday, however, is tacked with Follower Friday, which really isn’t a positive themed feature. So, I might have to grab something for Friday, especially if the FF post doesn’t work out.

However, by splitting the good news, I can cover more ground, while being able to focus on a specific story.

For starters, I aim to have types of stories. On Tuesday, I’m going with Hero of the Week. That pretty much sums up what that post will be about: Finding a story in the past week that involved someone doing something great to save others or doing the right thing.

As for Breakthrough of the Week, that’s not a clear as the title. I’m going to be posting “wins” of the week. Medical breakthroughs, lower crime rates, better report on the economy, and other types of stories like that.

I’ll explain those as they post for the first time. Now, I say “and more” because I still need something for Saturday.

Like I said, I still love this blog and am trying to make this a daily thing. I mean, I don’t write on Sunday. You could argue that I could write it before and then just post on Sunday. But, I use my Saturday writing to cover Monday. So, yeah.

Anyway, keep it here at DALANEL. It’s one of the best in positive blogging!



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