Wednesday Word: Dealing with desire

New here? Wednesday Word is where I go grab a video of a short sermon and post it here with my thoughts. Sermons are usually less than 10 minutes, but no longer than 20. Here’s the video:

Andy hit it again. It’s something to really consider.

Ultimately, as the commandments say, we shouldn’t have envy or lust or whatever. But, we do have desires.

But, how can we tell if we’re breaking the commandments?

Welp, we have to ask ourselves “Why do I want that? Be honest with yourself. Do you want it because someone else has it? You know how some people only want something or somebody that they can’t have? That’s bad news.

Always ask yourself that question. Why? Why do you want that or this? You can desire a car. Why? Some people need it to get from one point to another. Others saw their neighbor or co-worker or whatever and said “I want that”.

That’s the difference. Combine that with “do not steal” and it all makes sense.

Sure, just because you want something that someone else has, doesn’t mean you’re a bad person. But, God wants us to keep these things in check because these feelings could lead us to doing things like stealing and killing.

It’s fine to use people as a bench mark in some cases. “I want to have a house like that” or “I hope I’ll be able to have a nice family like yours”. It’s something to strive for. But, if you’re literally wanting what they have to the point that you would consider taking it from the person, then it’s a problem.



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