It’s my fault that DALANEL’s views look like what happens in the toilet when your bowel movements are more liquid than anything.

Crap, sorry for that image.

Anyway, I’ve been spending some time establishing my other blogs, Dante Ball and Dante’s Funny World. I’ve also been figuring out the rest of my life. 

And so, I return to my baby. And I’m poised to make some sort of comeback. For one, I’ll be trying out themes. My goal is to have all of my blogs look universal. The key though is that this one theme has to be able to match the tone of all of my blogs in some way. So far, I haven’t been able to decide. WordPress comes up with new themes each week, which is nice, so I have a chance to always have new options.

I want to get on the Hero of the Week thing too. Instead of breakthrough, I might do “Against the Odds” which would feature a miracle of sorts, although that’s almost the same as hero stuff and breakthrough. We’ll see. Hero definitely. Have to sort out the others.

As predicted, my team of bloggers have been silent. So silent that, it makes my choice for this current theme a joke. I picked it mainly because of its fancy contributor page. But, I can always revert to the original “Meet the Team” page I had. I have no plans to recruit in the near future.

Now that my blogs are up and running, I plan on settling on a posting schedule, so I should be back to normal here. Like I said, I’ll be playing with myself around with the blog’s features and themes and such. Go to the polls if you want; kinda don’t care about them anymore.

I’ll be honest with you about something. My church is working on this Good Friday play. They tagged me as lighting director. For some reason, the play was approved just this past week. Trust me when I say: We’re terribly unprepared. As we get closer and stress rises, my performance here could suffer. I’m just giving you the heads up.


Anyway, thank you for sticking with me through this. March is going to be a bad month and it’s beyond saving. I’m already looking at April. I really want to get something prepared for a summer feature, like how I had my play and video series. We’ll see.

Have a good day. Night. Afternoon. Evening? Dawn. Have a good one.

*nailed it*