Are you waiting to get in shape? Trying to lose some weight? Are you putting off that book (writing or reading)? Whatever it is, do it, or make some progress on it.

It’s time to get it done.

Sometimes, the best rewards come from the hardest work. It’s time to feel good about ourselves. No matter how small, we want to end with “I did it!”. Stop waiting. Make the move. Me? I’m finally gonna get myself together with these blogs. I’ve been slacking off like a blogging bum and that needs to stop.

I have a play that I’ve been working on since 2010. Quite honestly, I need to get it done. It’s time to put that baby to bed and move on for another project.

So, again, I ask you: What is your unfinished project? What goal in your life have you put off?



Boom. So let’s go. Even if you map out your path to get it done; do something to go forward in that area.

Let’s go to work.