Let’s get to it.

First blog is Sunny Sleevez. This particular post gives you the chance to make your deodorant.

I have been using the spray deodorant for some months but I’ve found I also want something a bit more solid and portable so I gave this recipe a try.

So far I love how moisturizing it is and no reaction. I haven’t been able to test it under workout or high temp conditions but for daily use I have remained ‘whiff free’ according to my brutally honest loved ones!

The link gives the entire recipe. I might have to try that out sometime!

Next, you all know I’m a Philadelphia 76ers fan. Even now, with a current 22 game losing streak I watch the games. Well, Phalse Philly Sports, a satire site, has once again struck gold. A post over there talks about how the losing streak got to 19, and then:

The losing streak for the 76ers turned 19 last night after a loss to the Indiana Pacers. A full adult now with its penis as big as it will grow, the losing streak has begun to feel the pressures of society to join the workforce.

“I’m still a teenager,” said the losing streak. “While the rest of the world may think it’s time I get a job or go to school, I want to enjoy my youth.”

Have mercy.

Last blog is poetreecreations. I won’t paste anything here. However, this blog showcases poetry. If you enjoy poetry or want your poem shown on this terrific blog, then take a visit.

And that’s it.


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