Monday Motivation: Follow your passion

What do you love? I mean, this is something you do all of the time, or think about all of the time. The dreams you have during the day. Right now, it may be a hobby. For others, it’s how they make a living.

You. I. Need to follow our passion.

What is your passion? Singing? Writing? Encouraging others? Family? Sports? Movies?

Do what makes you happy. Get a job in the field of your passion. Getting paid to do what you love is crazy awesome. For me, and I’ll be real here, if things get too much like a chore, the joy of doing things…your passion for it, can fade.

Still, your passion may be a hobby. You may use your paycheck to fuel this hobby. It’s your passion. A place to escape the real world and sink into a world of joy. Wonder.

Start following your passion. Did you make sacrifices? Did you decide “it can’t happen”. Try again. It could. Look, I don’t know your circumstance. If it really can’t happen, it can’t. It’s hard to dunk on Lebron James while in a wheelchair. I get it.

Still, there are too many people that probably could follow their passion, and don’t. Maybe they’re afraid of what people will think. Maybe they are scared to dive in. Me? I say go for it. Last thing you want is to be on your death bed wishing you followed your heart.

From a spiritual aspect, your passion for something may be right from God as His way of telling you what your calling is. Talk to God. Figure out what to do with your passion. It’s a fire that takes a lot to douse.

My passion is blogging. And I intend on keeping up with this thing for as long as possible.

What’s the saying: Where there’s a will, there’s a way.


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