Wednesday Word: Limitless love

Wednesday Word is where I take a short sermon (typically no more than 10 minutes long) and post it here. Then, I add some commentary.

Here’s the video:

Limitless love.

That’s the beauty of God. He’s a perfect God. And yet, He does these things for imperfect people like you, me, and everybody else. Why? Shouldn’t God raise His own standard?

And yet…for the children of God…there’s a special love. When we accept Jesus into our lives, the Holy Spirit comes and lives in us. And we become like God in a sense. We are in His likeness. And, I think God likes Himself, so He’s going to love all that is like Him.

Yes, He loves the unsaved. Otherwise, Jesus wouldn’t have did what He did on the cross and in hell. So there’s that limitless love. Give yourself up? Not many people can do that.

Now, Patrick was focusing on how we go astray and how, when we come back for repentance, God is waiting for us. He used a good example. Here’s another: the prodigal son. Do you know that story? If you do, maybe you can skip the next paragraph.

Jesus told of a story of how there was a wealthy man with two sons. One son decided he wanted his inheritance. The father decided to give it to hi, and the other son. So, this son takes his money and leaves. He goes into town and basically screws up. He goes broke and ends up doing less than ideal work. Then, he goes back home, hoping to be able to just work for his dad. But, the father reacted unexpectedly towards the son. Dad threw a party for his boy. A welcome home party. He was glad his son returned.

And, that’s how limitless God’s love is for us. When/If we come back to Him, He’s excited. All of Heaven rejoices. God loves His children, no matter the status.

This limitless love is a form of grace. I say this because there’s a lot of love we don’t deserve. When we back-stab God, do we really deserve to be loved? And yet, God loves us anyway.

Take advantage of this love in a good way. The creator of the universe loves you. Ha!

Isn’t that something? It seems like we have a limitless universe, made by a limitless God, who gives us limitless love.



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