Good Friday 5: It’s back!

If you were here when DALANEL first launched, you may remember Good Friday. Good Friday was a weekly post where I shared good news from around the web. Well, it makes sense to bring it back, considering what this blog’s mission is.

So, that leaves us with Monday Motivation, Wednesday Word, and Good Friday as the flagship posts for this blog. We also have Follower Friday.

Okay, so first news is a little something called “Prank It Forward”. In this case, one waitress received four tips while at work. This included $1,000, tickets to Hawaii, a new “dream job” and a new freaking car.

So, who was this young lady? Well, her name is Chelsea Roff and she’s spent a great deal of her time overcoming an eating disorder and then helping others by being a volunteer yoga instructor. She took yoga classes herself to help with her disorder.

Next is something interesting. Have you heard of the “Street Store“?

It’s similar to the way used clothing is re-distributed through a thrift-shop or charity clothing drive, but at the same time, different in some important ways. Charity clothing efforts often operate with a “beggars can’t be choosers” mentality. We think only those who can pay deserve the right to choose, which fuels a lack of autonomy in the clothing donation process. That’s something the creators of the Street Store hope to change.

“It gives dignity to those who have none, as they have a choice,” Levitan says of the project, which pops-up for just a day, then is gone. “For the first time, they have the freedom to say no to something they don’t like! As The Street Store is NOT a clothing drive, we don’t take clothing in advance. This means that all donations are made on the day so the haves and the have-nots meet like never before.”

Here’s my favorite part:

“On our very first day, we were standing around waiting for donations,” recounts Levitan. “We were so nervous that no one would arrive. Suddenly a man dropped off one item. About 2 minutes later, a gentleman came past in a shabby suit and completely broken shoes. He asked what was going on and told us that he was going to a job interview. He didn’t need clothes but desperately needed shoes. And by luck or fate, the one item that had just been donated was a pair of men’s leather shoes in his exact size.”

That’s all for today. Good stories, here. Have a good Friday.


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