Well, I’ve got some news for ya. When I was six…maybe seven years old, I accepted Jesus into my life. It was a simpler time. It was a curious time.

Now, here I am, 22 years old, and have experienced many things in my life, specifically my spiritual life.

I’m here to tell you…it’s too late.

See, back when I first got saved, you could’ver told me bad things about God, and I might’ve believed you. But now? It’s too late.

It’s too late to tell me that God isn’t real. It’s too late to tell me God doesn’t love His children. It’s too late to say that God doesn’t speak to His own.

It’s too late.

Just letting you know.

I have been through too many situations where the only explanation is God. Not luck. Not science. Coincedence? Nope. God. Perhaps destiny. I have seen too much. Miracles. I’ve already been supernaturally healed. When the doctors told me (my parents really) that I had to have dangerous surgery, God said, “Oh, let me just fix that right up”.

Too late.

It’s too late to try to tell me that isn’t capable of doing great things. Tooooooo late.

I may be young. I haven’t experienced “life” yet. So yeah, you could try to tell me about the downside of God when I struggle to pay for my first bill or when my co-worker cheats me for credit on a project. And yet…God has made it clear that He would not abandon me. He won’t leave me hanging. I just need to continue to follow His lead.

Say what you want. Call me crazy. But, I’m all in. No point of return. That’s how life can be sometimes. You try to save somebody before they do something stupid. But, then it’s too late. Too gone. Of course, for me, I don’t need saving.

I’m already saved.