Wednesday Word: Made in God’s image

Here’s the video:

You know, I don’t have to talk about much.

I do want to go into how we are made in God’s image. The young lady didn’t hit on it.

It all starts with Adam. The Trinity was discussing how they wanted a creation to be in their image and likeness. The world has an interpretation of this. We look at the physical. But, God is not physical. He is not flesh. Yes, Jesus eventually came as God in the flesh. But, obviously, people had been around for a long time.

If you want to know how we are made in God’s image, we have to look at God’s first man. He created Adam out of dust, which always blows my freakin’ mind. Anyway, Adam was not alive until one particular action.

God breathed life into Adam by pouring His Spirit in Adam. And that’s how we’re made in God’s image. Because God literally put Himself in Adam.

Why does this make sense? I’m going to keep this extremely brief; perhaps I’ll post more detailed thoughts later. When we accept Jesus into our lives, the Holy Spirit comes in. This is key.

Now, God is a perfect God. He can’t tolerate imperfection. He refuses to take in sin. We are not perfect. We all fall short of the glory of God. And so, with this in mind, God decided the best way to deal with this was to go inside of us.

When we get to the gates, God looks for His likeness. He looks for His image. Because Christians have the Holy Spirit, aka God in us, He sees Himself and we can go in. Because remember, God only wants to be with His own.

That’s why we are made whole. That’s why through Christ, we have access. Just like the young lady was saying, Jesus told us that we could do things because we have the same power…the Holy Spirit…in us. We have God in us.

Like I said, this subject gets deep and I’ll touch on this on a later date. But basically, our physical appearance has nothing to do with being in God’s image. Our bodies remain here when we die. It’s our spirit that gets to the gates to meet its fate.

If God can’t see Himself, He can’t associate with it. God is God. Just rest assured that God loves Himself. He’s not going to turn Himself away. Wouldn’t that be odd? God turns Himself away. Doesn’t make sense.

If you haven’t accepted Jesus, now’s the time. It’s the only way. We need God in us. It’s how Adam lived. And, it’s the only way we can truly live. God is the source of life, after all.



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