Good News Friday: Strangers come together to save boy’s life

Today’s Good News Friday has us looking for a hero…and getting six of them.

Crystal Kremer, a single mother of four ,was taking Jake, aged 11, to the doctor’s in Castletown about his asthma when he collapsed in the street and went into cardiac arrest.

Uh-oh! Looks like we’ll need some help:

After several minutes she was able to enlist the help of five strangers who took it in turns to carry out CPR on Jake.

Five strangers. But wait! There’s more. So, the ambulance ended up at the wrong location. Yeah. Ouch.

Constable Robin Arnold arrived at the scene and started doing CPR while one of the strangers ran to Castletown Medical Practice for help.

Crazy. Eventually, Jake got medical attention. But, it’s not quite over for the kid.

In the emergency resuscitation room at Noble’s Accident and Emergency unit, 20 doctors and nurses helped to save Jake, putting him on a life support machine.

About two hours later he was moved to the intensive care unit, where a change in his pupils sparked concern he had a bleed in his brain.

Jake was flown by air ambulance to Alder Hey Hospital in Liverpool.

His mom said that, in all, the boy was hooked up to 13 different machines. Mercy. I’ll let the article finish telling you the story, because there’s plenty more. But, here’s a mother’s gratitude:

‘I would like to thank the kind strangers who helped and assisted me with my son, words cannot describe how grateful and thankful I am,’ she said. ‘I would like to say a big thank you to policeman Robin Arnold, Dr Balakrishnan, the paramedics in the ambulance, Dr William Van De Moore and everyone else in the accident and emergency resuscitation room for saving my son’s life, they are all heroes.’

Ah, good stuff.



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