Good News Friday: Girl meets man who saved her as infant

Oh this story just…it’s a really nice story.

A high school senior who was graduating got a surprise that day: She met the man who found her abandoned in a cemetery.

The man’s name is Charlie Heflin and he found the baby…barely.

See, he was a volunteer firefighter. And, as he sat in his truck, listening to his scanner, a report from dispatch came in that a woman left a baby in the cemetery. After 10 minutes, this baby was still not found, so Charlie went to go find her.

“I pulled up in front of the cemetery.  There was a large pine tree,” Heflin said.  “There was about a foot of snow on the ground.  There were footprints all over the area so it looked like somebody had been there.  I couldn’t find anything.  I walked around the pine tree a couple of times and I didn’t see anything.”  Heflin walked back to his truck but said something told him to go back and check one more time.

“As I approached the tree, I heard a baby whimper.  I thought, ‘Oh, she’s here.’”  Heflin said Skyler was wrapped in a plaid Raggedy Anne blanket.  The day-old infant still had mucus on her and her umbilical cord that was tied off with a shoe string.

He immediately wiped pine leaves off her  and wrapped her in his winter overcoat and pressed her up against his volunteer fire fighter fleece to warm her up.

“I called it in and handed her to the ambulance and that was the last time I saw her,” Heflin said.

That was 1995. This baby was eventually adopted and named Skyler. Last name James. And, yes, by the quote I gave, this particular day was her birthday. The meeting at the graduation was rather special:

“My mom came up and said she had someone she wanted to introduce me to,” Skyler told  ABC News.

Heflin recalled the moment. “When her mother introduced her to me, I said, ‘Hello, my name is Charlie.  You and I have met once before,” he said. “I said we met back on Nov. 4 1995.  I said, ‘Do you remember that day?  She said, ‘No.’ I said, ‘I know, I don’t expect you to remember your birthday,” Heflin said.  ” I said, ‘On your birthday, I found you underneath the pine tree in a cemetery.’  That’s when she realized who I was and she started crying and gave me a big hug.”

It’s really something. The story is really great so hit the link for more.





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