We are born with gifts. Sometimes we know about them early and sometimes they don’t appear until later. Either way, we have gifts.

For the most part, these gifts are from God for us to use for His glory. Some can sing. Some can write. Others can encourage. Whatever it is, it is a gift.

Then there’s growth. This can be in two forms.

One form of growth is the growth of your gift. As time goes on, you take your gift and expand it. You try out various techniques.

The other form of growth is a little more tricky. It sort of flows from the first version except that it’s something dealing with a non-gift.

Some people are naturally gifted to do or be. And then, you have people that have to work hard to reach this same level. And that’s sort of the second growth.

In my opinion, both areas are important. Either way, you have to grow. But, then you have to accept limitations.


An example is singing. Now, some people are born terrific singers. It’s a natural gift. They were blowing since age five. “Go ‘head, girl!”. And then you have someone else who was not the best singer as a kid and teen. But, during these years, she worked on her voice. And she worked on it and worked on it until it was presentable.

So then, while this wasn’t something natural for her, she was able to achieve this level of singing. I won’t go as far as to say she’s got an artificial talent, because it’s not.

Now, go back to natural girl. She is born ready, but she just coasts on the natural talent. She barely does anything to improve it. And it’s not a BIG issue because she’s got a wonderful voice. But still, she doesn’t take what she had and make it grow.

And so, both of these girls are age 25. One girl has worked very hard to get to where she is and the other has sailed her way through. And yet, the girl who has worked so hard, is still not better than coasting girl.

So what does this mean?

The working girl has to…for lack of a better term, accept that she is simply not gifted like the coast girl. In fact, one could say that she’s really skilled at what she does. The coast girl is simply gifted, but not skilled.


She may sound great, and yet, because she never grew…she never took the time to hone her gift, there’s not too much skill there. She never practiced and, over time, you can lose a gift if it’s not used.

Look at it like this: Working girl can sing 100 songs decently. Coast girl can sing 10 songs excellently.

Is one person better than the other?


There’s a balance involved. For the gifted girl, she must take her gift and make it grow. For the working girl, she must grow into a gift, in a sense. But, she may never get there.

Indeed, the focus on this post is more for the gifted. All of us are gifted in something. And we need to make sure we use the proper growth.

I am always asked about something in my book. This question is based off of the chapter “Interpretation of Bible Verses”. Read it. Anyway, I said that you can’t do something if God hasn’t given you the tools to get it done. The question I get tossed is that “what if we work on something?” or, a better one “what if God wants us to craft our own gift?”.

It’s a tough one. I addressed this on my breaking down the book series as well. To me, there’s a balance involved. And I think some people misinterpret what I was saying in my book. There’s nothing against somebody working towards something. I wasn’t saying that the limit is what you were born with or what God gave you.

If God says to go on a scavenger hunt for the rest of your gift, or to assemble your own gift, then great. But, based on the scripture I used, I was simply saying that God has a calling for each of us. Essentially, we all have a purpose. And, through Christ, we have the strength to get it done. And by strength, I do mean “calling”. That’s how I interpreted it (hence the name of the chapter and even book).

But on both sides, there’s a level of growth for a gift. Some people may have the gift first and then have to make it grow. some people doing some growing before then realize the gift.

And yet, for some, you simply cannot do it. As I said based off the book, if you are not called to do or be, then you just can’t do or be. Back to singing, no matter how hard you work at it, you will never be as good as the gifted. And that’s fine. That means that your gift is somewhere else.

You want to grow, but if there’s no soil, then there’s no soil. At some point, you have to leave the barren land.

Yeah, so don’t forget. In what you do, there’s a balance of gift and growth