Wednesday Word: Goodness

Today, we’ll talk about one of the fruits of the Spirit: Goodness. This short sermon is rather special because it’s from my sister as she gave this sermon during church. Big deal. Anyway, here’s the video:

Good job, Desiree. Sure, you couldn’t see her, but we only needed to hear it. My other sister got a closer look so maybe she’ll let me use her feed.

Okay, let’s talk about Goodness.

Remember when she had us repeat after her? God is good, God made you, therefore, you are good.

Remember when God was creating the world? After each step, He said it was good.

Don’t forget that we are made in His image. If we’re made in the image of the greatest being of all time, don’t you think we aught to be good?

So, with these facts in mind, not only do we have good in us, but we are good. When the Holy Spirit comes in us, there are characteristics of Him that we now have. There are various fruits and gifts that we have.

I talked about a little something in my book. It’s a chapter called “Why did you do that?” and it touched on doing things, not for the glory from man, but because it’s to bring glory and honor to God. And, when we do good things, just as Desi mentioned, we shouldn’t be doing it for a reward. We should be doing good because we want to.

However, we should be doing good because that’s what we are. We are good. See that? We are good, therefore, we do good things. I can only speak for the children of God. We do good things because there’s a pull…to do good. In a sense, we shouldn’t even be thinking about it. It should be instinctual to produce goodness because that’s our fruit. Just as an apple tree can only produce apples, someone with the seed of the Holy Spirit must produce certain fruits.

We are good, we have good, so good should be spewing from us nonstop.




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