Shutting it down for a little bit

Yeah, I’m taking DALANEL down as well as the rest of my network. It probably won’t go offline, as the theme and pages and archives and stuff like that won’t be altered. But, my network does need to be a little more organized and so I’ll be spending this weekend handling that.

When it’s all over, June 2nd will be when I come back. Now, my blog Dante’s Funny World will probably see the most changes. Dante Ball is a blog that seriously relies on outside events in order to strive, and there’s never really anything consistent I can do. But, DFW and DALANEL can do stuff on their own.

Will DALANEL get a new feature? I’ve been experimenting with a couple of things for months now. While they are good ideas on paper, I can’t find enough material to be able to make it a daily or weekly post consistently, so they have to sit down for a moment. But, the motivations, words, and news seem to be a good enough lineup that I can stick with. Each send the DALANEL message in its own special way.

Team DALANEL is still around. Dallas and Nia are students who both have notified me that part of the reason they couldn’t post was because of that. Understood. With school out for Dallas and close to being out for Nia, I’m going to see if I can get a push for a few posts from them.

If you followed this blog in July last year, you already know it’s gonna go down. I plan on doing it even bigger. God help me. But, it would be more of a network-wide event, which makes things even cooler.

Anyway, those are some early thoughts on the Summer for the network and this blog in particular. Stay tuned.



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