Monday Motivation: Love the outcasts

Ah, it’s not always easy to love or show love to people. Even the ones closest to us press that one button and you be like “I’m gonna get you, sucka!” or something.

But, there’s one particular group of people I want you to focus on: The outcasts.

You might have noticed them. They might be quiet and never wanting to hang out. Maybe they’ve had a negative past that people know about and so they stay away. Shoot, maybe her breath stinks. And we tend to stay away from this person. This could be for a couple of reasons.

For one, it impacts our social status. If we’re seen hanging out with “him”, we could look just as bad as him. For instance, and I talked about this in my book, I have three nipples. It’s not a secret. What if I became a social outcast because of that? That would suck. People may not want to be seen with a triple nipple freak at the beach.

For another, we may personally stay away from people simply because we don’t want anything to do with them. Ouch.

But here’s the point of why you should give the benefit of the clear doubt: You don’t know their story. You don’t know what they’re going through, or what they’ve been through. You simply don’t know why they lash out to you and others. We may never understand the social pariahs. And we don’t have to.

Just keep showing them love. Show them love and pray for them.

I was watching this disturbing movie that was centered around three teens with different backgrounds who ended up being linked to each other in a special way. They treated each other and other people in what was considered a harsh way. But, as with all movies, you see both sides.

And I think that’s a good way of looking at people…at our enemies. We only see one part of the story. But, we’re missing the behind the scenes stuff. We’re missing the struggle this person has with himself. If we…in a way…imagine this situation like it’s a movie, we may be able to improve how we treat the outcasts of our lives.

Am I saying this because I was an outcast? No. I choose to be anti-social and to sit in the corner by myself. I’m talking for the ones who have tried, but have been shunned for one reason or another.

It can be hard when we’re in our click. When we’re in our circle, it’s not easy to let others in. I’m not saying expand the circle. I am saying make sure you reach out every once in a while just because you care on some level. Not to say not extending a hand makes you a bad person.

But, you never know if this person is on the verge of suicide. You may not know it, but a simple smile or hello could save a freaking life.

Alright, I’ll chill. Motivations aren’t suppose to be long. I might continue this train of thought on another day.



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