Wednesday Word: Stand for the Lord

It’s been a while since I got a Wednesday Word up in here, but here we go.

Yeah, he nailed it. So many of today’s Christians are not as bold as we probably should be. As soon as we decide to stop caring about what others think of us, we will reach that bold standard. Just as God was calling Joshua to be courageous, today, we need to be courageous. Cast out fear.

Yes, there will be persecution. Yes, people will turn from you. But, God will honor your sincere efforts. He will protect you from trials you simply can’t handle. And for the ones you do face, with Christ who strengthens you, you will pull through.

It’s almost a benefit of being anti-social for me. Because I don’t always seek to be around people, if I were to be isolated for my beliefs, it wouldn’t phase me as much as someone who thrives with social acceptance. On the flip side, how can I reach the lost if I’m in a shell?

So, right now, take a stand for the Lord. Take a stand. Stand up for the one who died for you. He’s the only one that matters so give your all to Him. You don’t have to tell everybody just because. But, if someone asks you, you make it clear whose side you’re on.



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