Good News Friday: Girl uses Facebook to save her father’s life

Facebook is bad news. That’s why a ten year old girl used it to save her father’s life. Such a terrible network, that Facebook. More like Fakebook, right?

So, her dad was sitting on the porch during a storm and the high winds knocked down a tree on top of him. In the perfect horror movie setting, the service was down for the cell phones and there was no landline. So, there was no way to contact anybody for help.


That’s when Vance’s 10-year-old daughter, Brianna, had an ingenious idea.

She realized she could still get online using their Wi-Fi, so she recorded a cell phone video of herself pleading for help and posted it to Facebook, KTRK reported.

“The lightning crashed and hit a tree by our porch, and my dad’s almost dead,” Brianna says in the video, as tears stream down her face. “He needs an ambulance please. Please call one for us if you have signal. We live in a yellow house.”

Bingo. Someone saw the video, and called 911. And dad and his friends who were also on the porch with him were saved. He was treated for some injuries and made it back home on Father’s Day so you know that day was extra special.

One more quote to take us home:

“This is the real hero, that little girl,” Henlawson Fire Department Lt. Tim Granger told ABC News, “And I hope she gets recognized for her heroism.”

Let this be a lesson for you. Facebook is not “evil”. It’s all in how you use it, and other social media.


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