Last year at DALANEL, I took a look at famous birthdays, events, and holidays that happened in July. This year, in matching DALANEL’s theme, I will give a brief look into good news that have happened for that particular day. It’s time for a history lesson, folks.

That’s what’s going on at DALANEL for July.

Anything else? I’ll still be keeping up with the Daily Word, Monday Motivation, and Wednesday Word. I’m going to let the historic good news cover Good News Friday.

Will we hear from the DALANEL staff? I and Dallas T’s birthday fall in this month. We’ll see (I wouldn’t want to spoil any surprises).

Last July set a record in views for the blog at the time. DALANEL’s monthly views have been in decline since January so I’m hoping that July gives me a boost. That would be a nice birthday present.

I’m out.